Security Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Bringing Your Remote Locations Closer to You

Whether it's mobile networks, critical national infrastructure or remote equipment facilities, Prosegur can give you a greater visibility and stronger protection through our innovative monitoring technology.

Faster, More Accurate Response through Video Analytics

Is that a thief, animal or just a shadow? Our advanced video analytic software can quickly discern, and our monitoring agents can verify almost instantly via a live video feed. Intervention does not have to take hours - a live audio announcement (called voice-challenge) is often enough to dissuade intruders from continuing. And if not, the live video feed helps us direct law enforcement more accurately and more quickly.

A Holistic Approach to Security

Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to each site, Prosegur’s security consultants can analyze your security plan for all sites, focusing on three areas: overall security, manpower deployed and total budget invested. We then offer recommendations that increase security while also reducing both the costs and the manpower required through a careful combination of technology and human element.

Additional Security Services for Energy and Utility Companies

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