Security Solutions
for Healthcare

Creating Safe Spaces for Hospitals, Clinics and Other Healthcare Facilities

Security Systems for Modern Healthcare Organisations

Disjointed security systems are a drag on efficiency, budgets and security. Prosegur can help by designing new or upgrading current video surveillance and access control systems so that they are connected, work seamlessly and can be managed remotely. Easily grant access to specific buildings, floors or rooms to those who need to be there, keep the bad guys out, and have access to reports and security footage at your fingertips whenever you need them.

A Holistic Approach to Security

Securing healthcare facilities can be complex. That's why at Prosegur we take time to analyse your security plan in a comprehensive manner, emphasising three areas: overall security, manpower deployed and total budget invested. We then offer recommendations that increase security while also reducing both the costs and the manpower required through a careful combination of technology and processes.

Additional Security Services for Healthcare Organisations

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